Solo exhibition

2018-01-24 00.04.22.png
‘뒷모습 – 이면(裏面)을 보는 즐거움/From backside’
light installation, film, painting, 2017, Daegu Seogu Culture center.
“People experience a great delight in colour, generally. The eye requires it as much as it requires light. We have only to remember the refreshing sensation we experience, if on a cloudy day the sun illuminates a single portion of the scene before us and displays its colours.”

Note C C. 759.  Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Theory of Colour 1810.

‘From back side’, 4:30″, film, 2017
Clip of ‘From back side’
‘The temperature of chairs’, 290x1838cm, light installation on fabric, 2017
‘Every logs and marks of the day’, 526x341cm, water colors on hanji papers, 2017

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