2004 – 2009 BA Keimyung University, Literature/Fine Art, South Korea
2009 – 2012 MA Keimyung University, Philosophy, South Korea
2014 – 2015 Nordland Art and Film Academy, Fine Art, Norway
2015 – 2017 MA Bergen University, Fine Art, Norway

2014 'Memento', Installation, Søren, Kabelvåg, Norway
2014 'I call', Sound installation, Black box, Kabelvåg, Norway
2015 'Gone but not disappear', Installation, Søren, Kabelvåg, Norway
2015 'How is your door?' Performance, Tolget, Kabelvåg , Norway
2015 'Aletheia', Space and Sound Installation, A demolished house, Kabelvåg, Norway
2017 'Sett fra Baksiden' Installation, Seogu Culture center, Daegu, Korea
2018 'Does God knows?, 'Snakker du norsk?'' Sound and drawing installation, Artica Svalbard, Lonyearbyen, Norway
Group Exhibitions

2015 'In silence' - NKFS Annual group exhibition, Nybrygga, Kabelvåg, Norway
2016 'The still point of the turning world' - 'RIFT', MA1 group exhibition, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen, Norway
2017 "Flow- ", ''Triage' MA Graduation show, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway

2013 "A study on Pyo-Am Kang Se-Hwang's thoughts on calligraphy and painting", Korea
2017 "An outline of interactions and space", Norway

2010 - Freelance Translator(English-Korean), exhibition designer, web designer, artist
2020 - Board member of Sandnes kunstforening