2015 – 2017     MA Fine Art, Bergen University KMD, NO 
2014 – 2015     Fine Art, Nordland Art and Film Academy, NO 
2009 – 2013     MA Philosophy, Keimyung University, ROK
2004 – 2009     BA Literature (Minor: Calligraphy), Keimyung University, ROK 

2022   "Untitle", Sandnes Kunstforening gallery, Sandnes, NO
2021   "Untitle"(Delayed due to Covid19), Hakgang Art Gallery, Daegu, ROK 

Solo Exhibitions 

2021    "Yet, stay home", Langgata 14, Sandnes, NO
2020    "Stay home", Langgata 14, Sandnes, NO 
2018    "Does God know?", Artica Svalbard, Lonyearbyen,NO
2017    "뒷모습/Sett fra Baksiden", Seogu Culture Center, Daegu, ROK
2015    "Aletheia", A demolished house, Kabelvåg, NO
2015    "How is your door?", Torget, Kabelvåg , NO
2015    "Gone but not disappear", Søren, Kabelvåg, NO 
2014    "Memento", Søren, Kabelvåg, NO
2014    "I call", Black box, Kabelvåg, NO

Group Exhibitions

2017   "Triage", Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, NO
2016   "RIFT", Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen, NO
2015   "In silence", Nybrygga, Kabelvåg, NO
2013   The 33th Youngnam Calligraphy prize exhibition, Daegu culture senter, Daegu, ROK
2013   The 16th Korea Literary Calligraphy prize exhibition, Unnam Gallery, Seoul, ROK 
2005   The 25th Daegu Calligraphy prize winners exhibition, Daegu citizen hall, Daegu, ROK 
2004   The 31th Gyungsang Bukdo Calligraphy prize exhibition, Andong cityhall, Gyungsang-Bukdo, ROK 
2004   The 5th Korea Literary Calligraphy prize exhibition, Gallery Shinil, Seoul, ROK
2003   The 25th National Calligraphy prize exhibition, Youngnam University, Gyungsan, ROK

2021   "Ustablie minner (Unstable memories)", NO
2017   "An outline of interactions and space", NO
2013   "A study on Pyo-Am Kang Se-Hwang's thoughts on calligraphy and painting", ROK

Board member of Sandnes Art Association 
Member of Daegu Kyungbuk Calligrapher Association 
Member of Norwegian Visual Artists Association 
Member of Rogaland Visual Artists Associatio


2021   Den Kulturelle Skolesekken (The Cultural Schoolbag), Workshop for abstract art to 9th grade students, Sandnes, NO
2004 - 2014   Teaching calligraphy, Korean art history and Korean aesthetics, Korean Calligraphy Lifelong Academy, Daegu, ROK
2012   Teaching calligraphy and Korean traditional art for english speakers, Daegu YMCA, Daegu, ROK