2017, ‘Flow-‘

Exhibition poster for Nuri Sakong‘Flow-‘, Poster for individual work, Graduation exhibition in Bergen kunsthall, 2017
P1000371 ‘Flow-‘ Video installation, Egg cartons, Sketches of my left hand, pictures, 666x202x260cm, Bergen kunsthall, 2017
(NuriSakong)Flow-817‘Flow-817’, Egg cartons, 50x11x189cm, 2017
Kunst_AG_24‘Flow-281’, Sketches of left hand on paper, 6x6x6cm, 2017
Nuri-Sakong_flow-6791_895                              ‘Flow-Spectrums’, Pictures of human back, 5x5cm each, 2017
Nuri-Sakong_flow-6805_895‘Flow-817′, Video installation, 1:00’ on loop, 2017

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